Patient Registry

The VeriMed Patient Registry is the connection between you, healthcare professionals, and your loved ones. Your account profile is established at the time of the insertion procedure and can be modified at any time. You can add important items to your profile, such as a photograph, advanced directives, and links to other sources of medical information.

Privacy Protection
The VeriMed Patient Registry utilizes secure data transmission, password protection, and prior patient consent for access. Your medical information is protected since Verimed is HIPAA-compliant when linking to electronic medical records. Only you or your designee can enter information, and only authorized hospital personnel and physicians can access the registry information in the event of an emergency.

Along with your VeriMed microchip, you also receive a complimentary 30 day use of the Complete Edition of the VeriMed Patient Registry. Before the end of the 30 day period, you may choose to continue with the Complete Edition, which includes your Personal Health Record, for $80 per year or choose the Essential Edition for $20 per year.*

If you have any questions about the VeriMed Patient Registry, please contact Customer Service at 1.866.402.2447 (CHIP).

* If you do not renew with either the Essential or Complete Edition, your account will be set to the Basic status, which only displays your name, address and photo.