For Patients

For Patients, Caregivers and Loved Ones

Unfortunately, you may not be able to prevent a medical emergency. Fortunately, you can prepare.

VeriMed is the first and only FDA-approved patient identification system that uses an implantable microchip. While that may sound like science fiction, it’s really down-to-earth, common sense when it comes to your life. About the size of a grain of rice and inserted just under your skin in the back of your right arm, each VeriMed microchip contains a unique identification number that emergency personnel may scan to immediately identify you and access your personal health information – facilitating appropriate treatment with less delay. VeriMed is there when you need it.

In an emergency, VeriMed is always ready to “speak” on your behalf by quickly providing healthcare professionals with your name and pertinent medical information, which means:

Fast, secure medical information retrieval by authorized healthcare professionals
Emergency personnel immediately know how to contact your primary physicians and loved ones
24/7 patient identification in a discreet and private way
Almost anyone can ultilize VeriMed, including people with:

Chronic Diseases, such as:

Coronary artery disease
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Seizure disorders
Memory impairment, such as:

Alzheimer’s disease
Complex medical device implants, such as:

Joint replacements
Organ Transplants

VeriMed Patient Registry

The VeriMed Patient Registry is the connection between you, healthcare professionals, and your loved ones. Your account profile is established at the time of the insertion procedure and can be modified at any time. You can add important items to your profile, such as your:

– name, address and phone number
– medical information, conditions and procedures
– allergies
– diagnosis
– medications
– physicians
– emergency contacts
– advance directives

At VeriChip, we know personal privacy is a concern especially when it comes to personal medical information. That’s why we have a Chief Privacy Officer and a privacy policy we stand by.

Want to know more about VeriMed? Check out the FAQ or download the VeriMed for Patients brochure from the downloads section at the right.