For Medical Facilities

Each day thousands of patients present to emergency departments who are unconscious or unable to communicate for themselves due to medical conditions. These communication barriers may lead to treatment delays or contribute to medical errors. In an emergency, VeriMed quickly provides healthcare professionals with a patient’s name and pertinent personal information, whether they, can’t remember, or are unconscious. Providing rapid, accurate and secure patient identification and information is the cornerstone of VeriMed. These attributes correspond to numerous benefits to emergency department operations by helping you:

Reduce the interval between admission and identification of unconscious or non-communicative patients
Diminish the duplication of laboratory, radiology, and cardiology evaluations
Decrease the overall length of stay in the emergency department
Reduce the risk of patient identification-related medical errors
Enhance the utility of electronic medical records within the emergency department
Improve regulatory compliance concerning patient identification
Demonstrate the adoption of advanced technology for acquiring rapid, accurate, and secure patient identification and information
By ‘speaking’ for patients with chronic illnesses, VeriMed offers an empowering option to affected individuals. The application helps these types of at-risk individuals obtain a comparable level of care by rapidly and accurately furnishing important or even lifesaving information when and if they are unable to do so.

At risk patient populations include those with medical device implants, cognitive impairment, and chronic diseases, such as:

Seizure disorders
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Cardiac conditions
Alzheimer’s disease
Complex medical treatment
VeriMed-enable your ED for free!

VeriChip Corporation is committed to helping emergency departments reduce treatment errors and improve departmental efficiencies with VeriMed. We’re proud to offer EDs emergency departments the free use of the VeriMed System so that they may evaluate and implement the technology without any strings attached.

The FREE VeriMed System offer includes:

A handheld Reader
Access to VeriChip’s secure on-line, patient database
Emergency department training and support
Microchips for clinical evaluation within the medical facility
Signing up your emergency department for VeriMed is easy and takes just a few minutes. Download and complete the VeriChip Medical Facility Agreement or register online.

If you have questions about VeriMed or our special offer, please contact us at 1.800.970.2447.